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Autism Diagnostic Assessment for Adults

Our Clinical Psychologist offer collaborative and affirming autism assessments to support adults in exploring their neurotype, including associated strengths.

Obtaining a formal diagnosis is an often important step for adults in learning more about their identity and starting to make sense of lifelong feelings of being different.

What does an ASD assessment involve?

Assessment is generally conducted over 3 session, and is inclusive of :

1. Standard interview to review developmental, psychosocial and medical history, address criteria for ASD and per the DSM-V-TR criteria

and identify personal strengths and sensory preferences. You are welcome to have another person present at this interview.

2. ADOS-2, obsession assessment and use of the MIGDAS-2 sensory based interview tool. 

3. Feedback sessions and report. Clinical Psychologist will provide a comprehensive written report which outline the results and provides

recommendations regarding supports and resources.


$1400 no rebate from medicare available for persons over 25 years. If 18 - 25 years, rebate available if referred via GP or Psychiatrist.

Costing is inclusive of all sessions and comprehensive report. All sessions require a non-refundable deposit of $300 at time of booking.

Payment plans can also be arranged, but must be paid in full before a report can be completed.

To Book:

Please call the clinic on 0490 755 953 to book an initial consultation and to obtain and further information. If you prefer to send us email, please email us @

Please note this clinic is currently open:

Wednesdays - 9am - 5pm

Thursday - 9am - 5pm

Fridays - 9am - 2pm

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